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When we look around us, we see management of risk in all parts of our lives - seat belts, fire alarms, and even the emergency broadcast system. But who's thinking about your technology in that same way? The answer is Deeptree. Our specialty is the active management of technical risk. With best in class backups, network security, and a conscientious approach to all forms of technical risk, Deeptree has your back. We are your go to partner for keeping the lights on. We have one job to do: keep you running through thick and thin. And we take it very seriously.

Castle Mountain

Your business data is almost as valuable as your money. And the next best thing to FDIC insurance is Deeptree's Castle Mountain Program. With verified and tested backups and the ability to keep running even when hardware fails, Castle Mountain brings true business resiliency. That's real peace of mind. And it's all yours with our Castle Mountain Program.


The title Ironwood is reserved for the world's hardest trees. Hardened from surface to core, just like its namesake, Deeptree's Ironwood Program is your defense in depth solution. With best in class network security technology, Ironwood protects your network, ensuring the security of your credit card transactions, patient data, and more.

Consulting Services

Our risk focused minds are here for you. From project management to change management, containment of risk is what we do. Whether the work is disaster recovery, business continuity, network security, or project management, Deeptree's consulting staff will help you develop and execute the right plan for you.


“Hiring Deeptree is probably the best business decision I ever made."

- - David Cheezem, Owner - Fireside Books


At the core of our risk focused services is a specialized practice known as Enterprise Architecture. This holistic practice rolls information technology, data management, and your business practices into a senior level discipline. This practice enables our staff to work with both the forest and the trees.

Just like with the human brain, it's the connections that matter the most. Deeptree's networking practice works closely with Cisco and Tripwire to ensure the security, stability, and resiliency of your network.

We live in an unpredictable world. You never know when you'll need to restore data. Taking backups is one and testing them is another. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Datto's backup hardware, Deeptree does both. We care about your data. Actions speak louder than words - and the way we treat your backups speaks volumes.

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